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2017 Mystery Quilt
“Where Oh Where Has MY Little Dog Gone?”

Clue 1 - click here  (also posted in the Jan. 2017 Newsletter)

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Clue 4 click here to print  (also posted in the Apr. 2017 Newsletter)

Clue 5 click here to print  (also posted in the May 2017 Newsletter)

Clue 5

The sisters were gathered in the dining room.  Bea was on the phone with the local police trying to convince them to complete a missing persons report for Zoey..  Bess was pacing the floor, making Belle even more nervous.  Belle kept making cups of tea that no one drank.
Where could Zoey have gone?  Had she be injured, dog-napped, developed amnesia and could not find her way home???

The doorbell rang causing Belle to drop the tray of fresh tea and Bess to let out a lady-like gasp.  Bea  opened the door to find Klaus standing at the door.  She was so sure he was involved in the disappearance of their dear dog that she almost slammed the door in his face!  He quickly put his foot in the door and yelled “I found her!!  I found Zoey!!”

In disbelief, the sister all rushed to him asking so many questions that no one could hear or understand anyone else.  Finally Klaus yelled, “Quiet!  Come with me!” and turned heading down the front steps. The sisters quickly gathered their wits and followed him down the walk to his yard.  He led them down the side of his house into his back yard.  As he arrived at the back fence, he pushed aside a thick vine.  The first thing they saw was one of sister’s fancy slips causing Bea to blush and Belle to put her hands to her mouth.  Klaus stooped down and the sisters followed his lead.  At the base of the vine they saw more of their “delicates” and laying in the middle of them, sweet Zoey nursing 3 tiny babies!  Zoey had gone off to give birth!”  Klaus brought out a clean wicker laundry basket and the sisters carefully lifted up Zoey, her pups and the nest of lingerie.  With hugs all around they carefully carried Zoey and babes home, calling an invitation to dinner over their shoulders to Klaus.

Moral of the story:  Spay and neuter your pets!

Here is the final clue:

Join two Block A and two Block B as shown below.  Repeat this to create 12 blocks which will be joined
three across and 4 down.  Your quilt is now complete.


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